Tuesday 9 April 2013

Beaches: Always One of Nature's best

This summer, when you heard that you will go to the beaches, instantly, you'll visualize a blue-green sky meeting with clear water beneath, clean white sand, cool breeze and the sweet smell of air passing through the coconut trees... how relaxing and a great opportunity to take "Amazing" photos. But.... what if when you reach your expected promising beach, you'll find no extra-ordinary or worst, totally opposite of what you imagined? Well actually, it's your fault to expect too much... don't forget, beach amenities and features always comes with a price... So what do you expect on a public, not-so expensive or effortlessly near beach resort? Nothing. This is exactly what I experienced when visiting some beaches recently. But I told myself, "I'm not going home in vain"
Taking photos of not so appealing locations will give you challenge and the only thing you need to do is to hold on to your expectations before you came there. Thanks to photo editing software, you can apply different look to your photos and even enhance it to become what you've imagined it would be. 
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